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Business Travel and Breastfeeding…

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Moms today DO NOT need to choose between your career goals and your breastfeeding goals. I’m happy to say, you can meet both when travel is a requirement. I receive calls from clients post business travel panicked because their supply seems off. How can you prevent a sudden dip and still carry on happily? A little planning and being proactive goes a LONG way. Here are some tips to help: 

1: If you haven’t been zealous in making sure your baby will take a bottle, now is the time. Do not throw caution to the wind here and assume all will be ok. I have fielded more calls than I care to mention on this topic so please, please DO NOT put it off until the last minute.

2: When you know your travel dates, if at all possible, throw in an extra pump or two per day to give yourself that extra stimulation needed plus give you some extra to freeze while you’re away.

3: Contact the hotel and request a freezer unit in your room. Yes they can do this for you or will provide you with access to their freezers. Be sure to obtain the name and contact details of the person you speak with to make arrangements.  Another option is to contact Milk Stork: . Milk Stork will send a freezer to your hotel room and work with you to arrange transportation of your milk to either tote it home or ship it.  It’s a fee-based service but truly does make your life much easier.

Check your pump before you go and make sure it’s functioning properly. For trips, I always recommend taking the electric double pump with you.  You want power and convenience because your baby will not be with you.

5: Create a pump schedule. Yes, a schedule covering all the times your baby would eat. If they eat 8 times a day, you pump 8 times. If it’s 5; pump 5 and BE CONSISTENT.  It may mean waking up in the middle of the night or adding a few more pumps in that usual to maintain your supply. Just know that it’s temporary!

6: Pack your usual cooler and ice packs to store the milk during work hours.

7: Plan some extra time connecting with your little one when you return.  Take your time with your feedings, not looking at the clock and relax. The extra snuggle and feed time will do you both a world of good.

Keep up the amazing work mamas and thanks for taking the time to read my advice on this subject!


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