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About Yummy From Mommy

Yummy from Mommy provides private in-home lactation and coaching services for moms and their families.  Our company was established in 2010 and since has helped hundreds of families with their feeding needs.

We truly believe that every mom that wants to breastfeed deserves an amazing experience with her baby and we are committed to helping them achieve just that and much more! 

The Yummy from Mommy team of Certified Lactation Consultants possesses a wealth of knowledge, tools and experience and can relate personally to our clients because we have all have been nursing moms at one point in our lives.  We will share our own personal stories and will guide you every step of the way as you experience and make your own story.

Choose from pre-natal consults and classes to help you prepare before the baby arrives and bring us home with you, for private lactation consults and coaching when you bring the baby home.  Consult requests are usually fulfilled within 24-48 hours and same day consults may be available depending on schedule availability. 

Yummy From Mommy is located at:
62 Gulf St. Shrewsbury, MA, 01545