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"Katie was absolutely integral to my breastfeeding success.  After my c-section, I had a few more days than some to get the hang of breastfeeding in the hospital.  But the mixed information I received from the all the nurses and lactation consultants left me quite anxious and confused.  

When I got home, I still found myself in pain and incredibly frustrated.  After the visiting nurse determined my son wasn’t gaining the necessary weight at his first check-up, she suggested starting formula if I couldn’t find more comfort and proficiency with breastfeeding.  I wanted to give up!  But I took my pediatrician’s recommendation to contact their lactation consultant, Katie, and I’m so glad I did. 

Everything I read stressed the importance of acting on any difficulties with lactation right away, so I was thrilled when Katie returned my call within a few hours of when I reached out and was available to visit the next day.  When she arrived at my house, she was so friendly and approachable I was instantly at ease with her.  She listened to all of my ups and downs and helped to clarify some of my biggest points of confusion.  She even introduced me to some new positions and helped me to find what worked best for me and my son.  By the time our session was coming to a close, I finally felt like I had a handle on what to do and a game plan to execute it. 

But it didn’t end there – Katie made sure to let me know she was available to answer any questions I might have, big or small.  And over the next month, I emailed her multiple times.  She never failed to provide a prompt reply full of clarifications, suggestions, and encouragement.  If it weren’t for Katie, I doubt I would have lasted through those first few weeks.  My son is 12 weeks today and I’m happy to say that I love breastfeeding him and can’t imagine it any other way!  The times spent breastfeeding my son are some of the most precious and special moments of motherhood I’ve had.  I’m so grateful to Katie for her help and support.
" - Kate, Milford, MA

"I reached out to Katie when my son was 3 days old. When we were discharged from the hospital my son and I had yet to conquer a great latch, so the nurse sent me home with a breast shield. I knew the breast shield was not meant to be used permanently and I also knew the burden it would eventually be if I didn’t wean the both of us off it. 

Our pediatrician recommended Katie to us, we called her on a Tuesday and she was able to come see us on Wednesday morning. That morning was the last day that I used the shield. I was very, very pleased to get rid of it. She also helped put us on a feeding plan/schedule… something that as a first time mom, I didn’t realize the importance of.  

A week later we went back to the doctors and unfortunately our son had lost more weight. We got home and called Katie, she was there the next morning. She was able to identify the problem (my milk supply) and yet again put us on a feeding plan that included nursing, pumping and supplementing. Within four days, my supply was up and my son gained 8oz! 

Not only was Katie knowledgeable and professional, but also she was personable. I was able to offer my apprehensions, doubts and fears and she was able to combat them with support and encouragement. As a first time mom I knew this was going to be very challenging, but breastfeeding my son is very important to me. Katie was able to sense that and knew all the right things to say and do, so I wouldn’t give up. 

I am happy to report that today my son and I are successfully breastfeeding and I could not be more pleased! I owe this mostly to Katie; she was my number one support system through all our fumbles. To all the moms out there new or not, breastfeeding is a learned skill, like learning to tie your shoes or riding a bike. It takes practice, patience, support and most importantly a lactation consultant like Katie! The best advice I can give is, call Katie and don’t give up on a bad day." - Emily, Milford, MA

I breastfed my twin babies for a year. When I say I could not have done it without Katie, I really and truly mean that. When the babies and I were released from the hospital four days after their birth, my husband and I had no idea how I would go about breastfeeding them. We quickly learned that breastfeeding falls into no-man’s land when it comes to medical expertise. Neither my obstetrician nor our babies’ pediatrician felt qualified to give advice on the subject (although both are great doctors). Luckily, our pediatrician did give us a referral to Katie, for which I was extremely grateful.

We called Katie right after meeting with our pediatrician for the first time, and Katie was at our door the very next day. She gave us a crash course on the subject of breastfeeding, and helped troubleshoot the problems we were having with positioning. Taking into account our goals,  my husband’s availability while on paternity leave, and the pediatrician’s recommendations, Katie came up with a plan that made us feel confident in my ability to feed our babies successfully and as frequently as was necessary. When my husband went back to work and the babies’ needs changed over the next few months, Katie helped us adapt our plan. Throughout the entire first year of my babies’ lives, Katie was always ready and willing to answer my questions and listen to my concerns. She even talked me through the weaning process at the end of that year!

Perhaps most importantly, Katie was a “coach” in every sense of the word. She was nothing but encouraging, supportive, and wonderful to us from the very first time I spoke with her on the phone. Whereas other medical professionals told us to lower our expectations and to understand that breastfeeding twins would likely prove unfeasible, Katie believed in us and helped us meet and even exceed our original goals. Each time we spoke, regardless of whether it was at two months, six months, or eleven months in, Katie praised me and my family for our hard work and reminded me that I should be proud of all we had accomplished.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Katie to anyone who is looking for a lactation coach, or to anyone who is thinking about trying to breastfeed their baby. Aside from being a completely amazing lactation coach, she is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! I feel lucky to know her!- Beth, Hopkinton, MA