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Essential gear and where you can find it! 

True story, the first time I went into Baby’s R Us I cried because I was so overwhelmed! Aisles and Aisles of diapers, burp clothes, bouncy chairs, cribs, strollers, car seats…Oh My!  What if I chose wrong? What if the burp cloths that were cute gave her a rash?  How the hell do you even install a car seat?  I literally ran out in tears (after I found a bathroom of course)!

Feeling overwhelmed and completely out of sorts is part of the process so don’t feel like you’re any different than anyone else, you’re not! I’m a fan of being prepared.  So, while I won’t complete your baby registry, I will give you my super cool must have products and services that you must get to make your life easier as an nursing mom with a newborn.  Remember, you’re life is about to change in new and wonderful ways that you can’t begin to even understand, so just try and enjoy the ride…

Boston Baby Nurse

The single best gift you can give to yourself and your baby is the gift of a caring nursing and childcare professional to help you adjust to life with your baby! I have to say I wish I had Boston Baby Nurse when I brought my little one home and you won’t be sorry you called and scheduled your nurse either!  I think it’s as essential as your packing your bag and picking your pediatrician, honestly! Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing you have an experienced nursing helping you care for your baby during the day or at night so that you can get some rest?  It’s heaven!

Now, this is no secret! It’s what all the smart, hip yummy mom’s throughout New England are doing and booking as soon as they know their due dates! Do not wait until you cannot get your little one to sleep and you can’t recall when you showered last! Trust me! In all seriousness, I am thrilled beyond words to recommend this fantastic company.  Carole and her team are second to none in providing a level of service and quality of care to both you and your baby that I personally have never seen by any other agency.   Plus, they are just wonderful, kind people! Give yourself this gift and contact Boston Baby Nurses to schedule your in-home nurse or baby care specialist today.  

My super cool T-Shirts…

You may not be feeling so cool but you can rock a yummy t-shirt.  Yummy Moms everywhere have to have these. Made in the USA, super soft, super cute and hides new baby stains!  Let’s toss some necessary sunshine at my designer…designed, developed,  and printed by 

The T-shirt Whore.  When I needed a cool custom shirt after years of trying…I was expecting the proverbial, NO! Instead, he customized one of the best I could have asked for.  We are working on new items to add as well so stay tuned! But, check out The T-shirt Whore any way and buy some of his stuff because it’s edgy, cool, old school and some of the softest tshirts on the planet.  You know you’re surfing a little while your feeding your little one so buy something cool and visit

Baby Carriers and Wraps

A wrap and a carrier is not the same thing!  Do not even thing they are and don’t be intimidated by the concept of either.  Do you like having your arms free to do things other than just hold your little peanut?  Believe me, you will!  You arms will be happy! Your back will be happy! Your peanut will be happy all swaddled and close to you!

A wrap, is made of a stretchy-like material and fits around your baby without, snaps, buttons, or straps. It holds baby snugly to your skin, keeping them close at all times. Wraps are ideal from infancy to about 18 months and I recommend this to all my new moms and parents. 

A carrier, is a little more sophisticated but works for an infant at 7 pounds through toddlers.  It’s great worn front or back and can make life on the go so much easier!  Look for a carrier that is ergonomically designed and has great features to make life easier like purse holders!  

My Favorite company for wraps and carriers is Boba! They totally rock! Great color choices and a wide assortment of  options.  Check out the link below….


Not your favorite subject?  Ok I know, but it doesn’t have to be avoided. All breastfeeding moms face pumping at some point and it’s best to be informed, prepared and make wise choices now.  But the time in and love your pump, it will pay off, I promise you!   going to be your star when you need it and that’s why choosing the right one is CRITICAL.  Did I say that?  Well it is!

First, contact your insurance company and see if they will comp your pump.  If they do, take it!  There is no need to buy one on your own if your insurance company is going to provide one for you.  

There is a difference between personal use pumps and hospital grade pumps.  Most hospital grade pumps must be rented to be affordable. There are a number of different rental agencies in the area click the link to find several

Lactation Care, Inc.:

Newton Wellesley Hospital:

Healthy Baby Essentials:

What’s the difference between hospital grade and personal use?  Well, hospital grade is a closed system meaning it can support multiple users hygienically.  It’s must more robust and pump much stronger, and can cost anywhere from $700-$2500 per pump.  Many mom’s use these if their baby’s are in the NICU, or sometimes mom’s who have had breast augmentation surgery find personal use pumps not adequate strength.  Some mom’s also just don’t find personal use pumps do it for them.  No matter what they try and opt for a rental pump.  

A personal use pump, is a purchased, single user pump.  It’s comes in different sizes, most are portable and come in a variety of options.  They are usually strong enough for most moms, however, flange sizes should be checked and fitted properly as most are shipped in the smallest size.

My Pump Picks:

No matter which pump you choose, do yourself a favor and get a pump! Don’t make the silly mistake thinking you don’t need one and cause unnecessary discomfort when you don’t have to.  Just heed my warning and be prepared ….Here are my picks

Medella Pump in Style Deluxe:

Medella Freestyle Deluxe:

Spectra 9 Plus Advanced (smallest, coolest and most portable pump around.  If you travel this is the one for you.):

Hands Free Pumping Bras:

SnugabelI: Love a really cool site with create products and this is it.! This company makes the only combo bra that allows you to pump and easily conduct hand massage and compressions during your pumping. Oh, and you do it fashionably! No more ugly nylon scary bustier!  I promise!  Check it out for yourself….

Also check out their Toni line of mommy to be clothes….

Nursing Bras/Camis:

Investing in this area of your wardrobe is really your choice.  However, my recommendation is to hold off on splurging on some super sexy numbers until your breastfeeding is well under way…as in after 12 weeks.  Until then, my ultra favorite choices can be found….


Everything you need from maternity camis and bras to nursing bras in a variety of styles.  My advice is to buy the seamless sports bra styles because they are comfortable (you will be sleeping in these), functional, and cute to start!


Cake, Panache, Bellabumbum, and Freya are my hands down favorite lines for when breastfeeding is established.  They all function as nursing bras but don’t look they should.  Has one of the most comprehensive lingerie departments around.  The associates are incredibly knowledgeable, and helpful.  They will measure you and show you some incredible choices.  What ever they don’t have in house, they can order for you and have delivered to you.  It’s wonderful.  Nordstrom is great for larger sizes as well.

Nursing Pillow:

Loads to choose from but I really like this company, and won’t forget their name, yup, you guessed it, Nursing Pillow.  They have a super product and great style choices.   They also have a great comparison tool that demonstrates how their size and shapes stacks up against some bigger, more commercial brands.  Plus they now have full size preggie-pillows.  Check out this lovely company and you won’t be disappointed…


Yes, the other B word…I’m saying it… bottles.  You have to have some because you don’t know when, or if you need them.  So, be smart and prepared!  Don’t spend a fortune, and don’t kill yourself looking for the fanciest one!

Playtex wins for me.  You can find them everywhere, even the grocery store or drug store, and most important, they don’t have a zillion parts when you’re bleary eyed, sleep deprived and trying to assemble!   Hell, grandparents and great grandparents will look at your bottles and shed a tear remembering their feedings; I guarantee it.  Choose any of them although I love the one with the drop in lining that collapses.  But all are great.